Self rescue system

Where do I hook the rescue device in my flat?

Our MARK Gekko has been developed as an anchor point for the self-rescue system. In principle, you can use all attachment points that have been certified and correctly installed in accordance with EN 795. However, our MARK Gekko is characterized by particularly secure anchoring in a variety of surfaces, flat design and easy review.

We recommend installing at least two MARK Gekko attachment points at two different locations in your home, e.g. on the balcony and on the opposite window.

Can I install the anchor points on my own?

We recommend having the installation carried out by an experienced craftsman.

In the scope of delivery of the MARK Gekko you will find a manual with detailed information for mounting in various substructures, if you are experienced.

In any case, a mounting protocol must be created for each anchor point. Contact us for more information or templates for the assembly protocol.

Does every person need to have his or her own MARK Grizzly rescue overall?

No, two overalls are enough to turn people down alternately – we call this shuttle service. When the first person reaches the ground safely, she gets out of the overall and has it hooked to the rope. During the abseiling process of the second person the first overall is pulled up and is there for the next person available.

Of course, you can speed up the self-rescue slightly if everyone has an overall (for example, for each family member). We also recommend this if there is a risk that the overalls might get caught on the cladding when pulling up.

Is there a mandatory training required to use the sel-rescue system?

No, there are no rules for training. Nevertheless, we recommend that you try the self-rescue system at least once (ideally once a year) after installing the attachment points under the supervision of an experienced person. So they are prepared for the emergency.

Contact us if you would like to do an introductory training!

Are the components of the self-rescue system fire resistant?

No, that’s not necessary. Rather, it is important to use the self-rescue system immediately, as soon as the escape route to the stairs appears to be no longer possible. Do not wait until the flames spread.

If you have installed at least two anchor points in your home, you can always rappel on one side of the building, where no flames are visible.

Short-term contact with flames (a few seconds) is usually not a problem.

Descender devices

How long is the rope on the MARK Save A Life descender devices?

We sew the rope ends to your desired rope length. These can be ordered on whole meters. Each descender is available from us with ready-built rope.

Can I also get a device without a rope?

No. The insertion of the rope requires special expertise and is safety relevant. Therefore, we deliver descenders only with ready inserted rope.

Can I use every rope?

For safety reasons, we deliver descenders only with the rope already inserted. No other types of rope can be used, except those tested and approved by MARK Save A Life.

Do I have to check the descender and rescue devices at regular intervals?

Like any PPE, our descenders must be inspected once a year or after a certain number of abseiling meters. The latter can be found in the instructions for use. Experience has shown that the maximum abseiling is never reached – it is previously the annual test striking.

The test must be carried out by an authorized dealer or directly by MARK Save A Life.

If the descender is only available as emergency equipment and is not used otherwise, we recommend the seal in the Seal Pack. This will save you the annual test for a period of 10 years. All you need to do is check the integrity of the seal pack.

Is the rope fire resistant?

Normally, a fire-resistant rope is not necessary (acutally there are no ropes that are completely fire-resistant).

However, if you have any concerns about the effect of fire or heat on the rope, we recommend our MARK Phoenix rescue devices. These are equipped with a heat-resistant rope (400 ° C for 15 min).


Are the MARK Grizzly and MARK Mammoth overalls available in different sizes?

Yes, we offer different sizes.

With the MARK Grizzly you may prefer to take a large size that will fit even the tallest person who will use the rescue system.

You can also use a slightly larger overall for the MARK Mammoth. The longer you work with it the better it should fit and the better you should adjust the overall.

DSPA fire protection

Does the DSPA extinguishing system remove oxygen from the environment?

No, DSPA stops the chain reaction of combustion and does not deprive the environment of oxygen.

The oxygen content is therefore the same as before extinguishing.