EN 1496:2017, Personal fall protection equipment – Rescue lifting devices

We are proud to that: MARK Save A Life declares in full responsibility that the MARK Elephant Hub corresponds to the following standards: EN 341:2011 EN 365:2004 EN 1496:2017 The new EN 1496:2017 has been puplished.  The new standard specifies requirements, test methods, marking and information supplied by the manufacturer for rescue lifting devices. Rescue lifting devices conforming to this new standard are used as components of rescue systems. They may be

God morgon från Götheborg

Franz is doing the service and maintenance training in Götheborg.Our new partner SafetyRespect is doing saves lives through specialising in edge protection for the construction industry.For more information pl. click: https://www.safetyrespect.com

See you at the A+A Show in Düsseldorf

The life of working people, nothing is more valuable. MARK Save A Life is again attending on the largest international trade show for safety, security and health at work at the A+A Show in Düsseldorf, Germany. We believe in personal contact to our customers - do not hesitate and arrange a meeting with us on the A+A Show in Düsseldorf! Contact details: Martina Fuxjäger; m.fuxjaeger@savealife.at      

gelungene Zusammenarbeit mit der Bayrischen BauAkademie

Im Rahmen des Kurses „zur Prüfung befähigte Person an Turmdrehkranen“ an der Bayrischen Bauakademie, schulte Franz die Kursteilnehmer zum Thema „PSA gegen Absturz“. Danke der Bayrischen Bauakademie für die gute Zusammenarbeit!   Mehr Infos zum Kursprogramm der Bayrischen Bauakademie unter: https://www.baybauakad.de/      

Professionelle Abwicklung nach Schneedruck

Unser Partner ECusol bedankt sich für unsere Unterstützung und Abwicklung nach dem massiven Schneedruck im heurigen Winter!Making your life safer!Link dazu: https://www.facebook.com/www.ecusol.at/videos/830168070667951/

Godmorgen & Hej from Ejsberg!

Franz did the Training the correct use of MARK Hero Hub & MARK Elephant, Height Rescue, Service and Maintanance at the AMU Vest Trainingscenter in Danmark.      

48th VDBUM seminar in Willingen

#Innovation through #motivation. Last month we presented our life saving innovations at the 48th VDBUM Service GmbH seminar in Germany, Willingen. Thanks to the organization for bringing on stage solution providers that make the #construction industry more innovative and safe. Find our solutions at https://www.savealife.at